A Chronology of Life on the Interwebs

I don't want to write a book here, but I do want to do a truncated timeline. My recent step back from social media and screen time has cause a lot of reflection, and I have been trying to pinpoint when things changed for me, with a shift toward public online expression. Here goes: late … Continue reading A Chronology of Life on the Interwebs

New Instagram and Twitter Handles

Popping in really quick to let you know I have changed my Instagram and Twitter handles! On Instagram I am now @kate.olson.reads (goodbye @theloudlibrarylady) On Twitter I am now @kateolsonreads (goodbye @theloud_library) You may have noticed the header of this blog has changed too......yup, new branding to reflect myself in a professional way, less about … Continue reading New Instagram and Twitter Handles

Disclosure Guidelines for Book Reviewers

UPDATED on May 16, 2018 with this email from one of my publishers: Hi bookstagrammer, I have some updates about our current disclosure rules. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) here in the US has been getting more and more aggressive in recent months with cracking down on social media influencers and the brands that partner … Continue reading Disclosure Guidelines for Book Reviewers

Dear Authors ~ Part 2

Dear Authors ~ Wow, who knew so many of you wanted/needed advice on engagement? The response to yesterday's post has been surprising to me, so I'm sacrificing my 5 am reading time to pound out Part 2 right away. Before I head into tips, though, I just want to say that I was absolutely serious … Continue reading Dear Authors ~ Part 2

Dear Authors – Let’s Chat About Engagement

Dear Authors, I wrote something on Twitter recently that seems to have been popular with the author world, so I thought I would expand on it a bit. I am a reader, a librarian, and a book reviewer. I am very active on Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter. I consider myself to be at least a … Continue reading Dear Authors – Let’s Chat About Engagement